Despite the widespread efforts to raise awareness about sexually transmitted infections, syphilis cases have been growing recently worldwide, but specially in low- and middle-income countries, such as Brazil. Therefore, the management of syphilis presents as an urgent public health topic. It includes the need to develop actions that address assessment, classification, and intervention, as well as population education about prevention and the outline of strategies that assist epidemiological surveillance. The objective of this workshop is to discuss which strategies the Brazilian Universal Public Health System has been putting in place to tackle syphilis in the Northeast area of the country, as well as to collaboratively elaborate and propose innovative approaches in the field.

This workshop will contribute to the development of research in the field of public health, specifically in the fight against syphilis in the Northeast-Brazil, providing training and a platform for the invited speakers and participants to share their experiences from clinical practice. Focus will be given to clinical practice on the national public health system, where rates of syphilis diagnosis have been increasing sharply, mostly in primary care. The target audience of this workshop comprises academics from the University, health professionals (mainly those working in primary care), the general population and the scientific community, including researchers and students.


Date: 7th-10th June 2021

Time: 7 pm - 9 pm (GMT-3, Brazil time)

Language: Portuguese


Overview of the syphilis scenario: Research x Management x Assistance

Dr. Marise Reis de Freitas

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Health situation analysis of Syphilis in Northeast Brazil

MSc. Karla Lopes

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Panorama of congenital syphilis in the state of Rio Grande do Norte

Dr. Richardson Augusto Rosendo da Silva
MSc. Dhyanine Morais de Lima

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Research capacity building focused on health professionals: Possibilities for research innovation

Dr. Thaís Marques Lima

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