Lassa Fever outbreak in Nigeria: Ready to Respond

Nigerian researchers needed to assist in research response

The Nigerian Regional Faculty of the Global Health Network will be working with the EDCTP ALERRT network to ensure Nigeria's leadership and strong coordination and hope to join forces with effort led from WHO and the Nigerian CDC. As part ... Read more

Newsletters Available Now!

Newsletters from all three EU funded Zika consortia are now available! Each contains updates or consortia activities, events, news and much much more! Read more

ISoP 2018 Geneva “Pharmacovigilance without borders”

The International Society of Pharmacovigilance will hold its 18th annual meeting from 11-14 November 2018 in Geneva, Switzerland. The conference aims to to optimise pharmacovigilance, creating greater efficiency and clarity of reporting, thus enable analysis of the latest information to ... Read more

Updated CRFs for Zika now available

Download v5.3 @ zikainfection.org

Updated ISARIC/PREPARE Case Report Forms for Zika Virus (version 5.3) are now available. Updates include changes to ensure that no data field is left blank and implementation of recommendations from colleagues. Read more

Zika Virus Updates 

News and Media

New studies highlight Zika presentation in kids, veterans
30 May 2018 | CIDRAP
Psychosocial support is key in the Zika response
29 May 2018 | IFRC

Fewer babies were born in Brazil amid Zika outbreak, study says
29 May 2018 | CNN

Previous updates

Emergency Plan of Action Preliminary Final Report
31 March 2018 | IFRC

Monkey study suggests Zika infection in infancy could cause brain damage

04 April 2018 | STAT

The future of genetically modified mosquitoes could be in mini, moveable labs

09 February 2018 | STAT
Bacteria-infected mosquitoes might be good thing for Miami
08 February 2018 | STAT
'I don't live any more': Zika takes a heavy toll on families in Brazil
05 February 2018 | The Guardian
Zika studies highlight brain damage, possible genetic link
05 February 2018 | CIDRAP

 Information Portals

WHO: Zika Virus and complications
WHO: Zika: mapping the emerging evidence
Brazilian Ministry of Health's epidemiology portal
Please see our collaborative website on Zika Virus for more information.

Featured Publication

Aedes Mosquitoes and Aedes-Borne Arboviruses in Africa: Current and Future Threats

David Weetman et al. – International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, January 28, 2018

The authors review available data on the distribution of yellow fever, dengue, chikungunya and Zika in Africa, their Aedes vectors, transmission potential, and challenges and opportunities for Aedes control. They identify key knowledge gaps and future research areas, and in particular, highlight the need to improve knowledge of the distribution of disease, major vectors, and insecticide resistance.

Read more


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