A set of high-quality eLearning courses are hosted and provided by the Global Health Training Centre. Within this range of eLearning, there are a number of short courses designed to support the design and operation of clinical and laboratory studies, and the capture of high quality and ethical data.

Research Processes and Methods

Introduction to Clinical Research

Introducción a la Investigación Clínica

Introdução a Pesquisa Clínica

Introduction to Good Clinical Laboratory Practice

Buenas Prácticas Clínicas de Laboratorio

Introdução às Boas Práticas Clínicas em Laboratório

ICH Good Clinical Practice E6 (R2)

Normas de Buena Práctica Clínica ICH E6 (R2)

ICH Boas práticas clínicas E6 (R2)

Children and Clinical Research

Los niños y la investigación clínica


The Research Question

La pregunta de investigación


The Study Protocol




Curso virtual introductorio de Políticas Informadas por Evidencias (PIE)

Atualização do Curso Virtual sobre Políticas Informadas de Evidências (PIE)

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Social Science, Ethics and Community

What is Open Science?

¿Qué es la Ciencia Abierta?

O que é a Ciência Aberta?

Open Access

Acceso Abierto

Acceso aberto

Children and Clinical Research

Los niños y la investigación clínica


Essential Elements of Ethics



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Infection and Inmunity

Neurological Infectious Diseases

Enfermedades Infecciosas Neurológicas

Doenças infecciosas neurológicas

Transmission, Surveillance, Control and Prevention of Yellow Fever

Traducción al español pronto

Transmissão, vigilância, controle e prevenção da Febre Amarela

Maternal Infections

Traducción al español pronto

Tradução portuguesa em breve

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We aim to offer these courses in several languages, and many translations are ongoing. However, if you know of anyone who can help by volunteering their time to translate these courses, please let us know. In the meantime, the Google translate function is also available at the top of the screen as a means of interim help.

Recognition scheme

Global Health Network e-learning courses are of high quality and are recognized by organizations such as TDR, DNDi, IAVI, AERAS, etc. The Global Health Network has established a recognition scheme in which several highly respected organizations and institutions declare their endorsement and recognition of these courses. This recognition scheme is an alternative to accreditation. This approach is more appropriate because any form of accreditation would be tied to the authority of an individual organization in a single country/region. This contradicts the ethos of the Global Health Network as an open-access collaboration to support clinical trials in all regions and for all disease areas.