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Here we provide the notes from the Colombia REDe workplan call, May 12th 2017

Present on the call: Lyda Osario, Trudie Lang, Leandro Abade, Tamzin Furtado

Aim of call: to discuss potential collaborations between the groups based on shared ethos and building capacity for research in Colombia. Trudie invited Lyda’s group to formalise their relationship with REDe/The Global Health Network by supporting time for a staff member; Lyda has suggested Martha Moyano, who is a project manager and has previously worked a little with Tamzin in the past.

Lyda proposed using a capacity building assessment tool before starting work; some discussion followed about types of suitable tools. The parties will look into tools, and potentially Lisa (new Postdoc at The Global Health Network) can work on integrating a capacity development assessment with other groups who work with REDe.

Imelda Bates at LSTM has been involved in comparing types of capacity development tools; Tamzin will look at this area, assess possibilities, and determine a practical tool.
In discussing the types of resources which Lyda considered to be of top priority, the areas mentioned were:
- Laboratory capacity generally

- Monitoring, particularly in house monitoring

- Patient follow up, recruitment and retention

- Knowledge management

- Good guidelines of practice for healthcare personnel

- Finding ways not just to generate knowledge, but to make sure that the patients are involved in the process, e.g. in research design

- NICE and Colombian MoH each has their own guideline – Lyda suggests it would be interesting to compare international clinical guidelines on good clinical practice

- How to produce policy briefs, in Recife press conference – how to do that as researchers, how to do communications

- Dissemination of research

The Global Health Network/REDe agree that it would be useful and that this is an area often overlooked.

Next steps
Early: gap analysis. The Global Health Network will look at the tools available (ESSENCE etc) and Tamzin will assess possible tools. TGHN's post doc starts in June and will assist with this.
Workshops: Lyda proposes picking up old plans to run a workshop about doing research in hospital context – how to manage the combination of clinical practice and research, challenges and facilities. Trudie agrees.
A contract between the institutions will be necessary, which needs approval from the EU first (will take at least one month). In the meanwhile the above steps will be planned.


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