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Research Capacity in Latin America - what is missing?

This group is for general discussions about research capacity building in Latin America


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Mentoring in general is a very good strategy to develop human resources. For research, mentoring can be a very powerful tool. The constriction in our academic institution is time and space for ...

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Events, News, and Training Opportunities

This group is for members to post news items and training opportunities that you have found, to share with the local community.


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Dear All Back in 2014-2015 we found that two genotypes (the Asian and the East-Central-South-African lineages) were co-circulating in Brazil (ref. 1). Later, we described the introduction of the ECSA genotype and ...

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Zika Diagnostics Discussion Forum

The aim of this Zika Diagnostics Discussion Forum is to bring health professionals from areas affected by the Zika epidemics across the Latin America and the Caribbean to share their experiences, prospects, and challenges working with Zika diagnostics. Your participation will help to further our understanding of which tools are effective or needed, what are the current knowledge and training gaps hindering best diagnostics and laboratory practices, and to inform how we can best help to support teh development of best Zika diagnostic practices and processes in your region. Please get involved! 

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REDe plans and updates

This group is for those involved in REDe to share ideas, meeting notes, plans and updates.


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Here we provide the notes from the Colombia REDe workplan call, May 12th 2017 Present on the call: Lyda Osario, Trudie Lang, Leandro Abade, Tamzin Furtado Aim of call: to discuss potential ...

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Zika-specific research discussions

This group is for discussing zika-specific research; you can share your ideas, thoughts and questions with the community here.