The Network Map is a dynamic and intuitive tool developed by the Research Capacity Network - REDe to facilitate the identification and mapping of the research being developed by the partners of the EU-Zika Consortia: ZikaPLAN, ZikAction and ZIKAlliance.


      Network map template

★Template of the network map for ZikaPLAN 

This tool enables the visualisation of the intricate network of activities that compose the consortia. It intends to bring research partners together, identify untapped potential research collaborations, and leverage sharing of information by researchers, health practitioners and staff involved in all the stages of their research.

Each node on the map is linked to the research institutions and work packages in development by the consortia members. You can click on them to access detailed information about general and specific objectives of each work package, the teams involved with the research projects, among other useful information. 

REDe is developing an individual network map for each of the EU-Zika Consortia partners, and will produce an overarching map that will depict the whole network.

You can access the network maps by clicking on the logos of each consortium below:

ZikaPLAN netwok map    ZikAlliance Network Map    ZikaAction Network Map