Neurological diseases and arboviruses: preparing for the next epidemic
30th November 2019. 

Auditório da Sede do Conselho Regional de Medicina - Recife, Pernambuco

This scientific workshop on neuro-arboviruses intended to instil an interest in research among health professionals of large public hospitals, as well to demonstrate how research can be conducted in hospital settings.

The workshop was designed by ZikaPLAN WP2 collaborators from Fiocruz and the University of Liverpool and was based on the example of the local network between public health services and research institutions, addressing the Zika epidemics and studying the ZIKV-related acute neurological diseases. This consisted of lectures and teaching sessions on neuro-arboviruses by specialists, for both healthcare workers and scientist/early career researchers, focusing on the topic of diagnosis and management of arbovirus-associated neurological diseases (including Guillain-Barré syndrome; encephalitis, meningitis, and myelitis).

Research methodology and ethics in the context of implementing research during a suspected outbreak, was the focus of one of the teaching sessions, detailing how to set up a study (identifying funding, ethics, writing protocols, CRFs) and how to run a study (sample collection, sample transport and storage, staff, data collection, data management).

Finally, joint sessions featured round table discussions on the outbreak and what participants might do differently next time. The workshop provided an opportunity for the production of a high-quality film to discuss the value of such initiatives to building research capacity as well as a short documentary about the management of Guillain-Barré Syndrome.

As part of the workshop, this team also generated two short films. "A REDe Workshop on research during the Zika epidemic: preparing for the next outbreak" showcases the efforts and features of the 1-day scientific workshop, and the second film "Neuro-arboviruses: building research capacity at the epicentre of the Zika outbreakfocuses on neuro-arbovirus disease and reflects how a link between healthcare and research was established and subsequently nurtured to build capacity in the event of another epidemic.


To learn more about the content of the workshop, download the full programme and the full summary report.


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