The Global Health Network has organised virtual workshops on a range of topics related to COVID-19 research

On this page we have selected the ones which are most relevant to Latin America and the Caribbean. For links and summaries to all TGHN COVID-19 webinars please visit the COVID-19 workshops page.

Covid 19 and stroke: What are the pressing concerns?

25 Nov 2020

This was a webinar led by Members of the WHO'S NeuroCOVID Forum (Dr Alessandro Padovani and Dr Lucia Brito) and Fiocruz (Dr Cristiane Bresani) to discuss the challenges and ideas to investigate cerebrovascular manifestations potentially related to COVID-19. The panellists shared their experience in the field, which includes a multicentre case-control study on the association between stroke and SARS-CoV-2 infection, run by Fiocruz in Brazil. This session was open to all who are interested in clinical research, neurology and COVID-19.


The impact of COVID-19 on global vector control efforts

22 July 2020

This workshop aims to establish the impact of COVID-19 on the current vector control situation in different settings. We will identify gaps in our knowledge and data availability, assess funding and communication needs, and propose mitigation efforts. We will also address how vector control operations might need to change to improve epidemic preparedness and prevent future outbreaks.


Lessons from a Zika Network to Covid-19 response and beyond


This session will present how a consortium which was set-up to respond to one epidemic is leveraging the expertise held by teams within, to respond to another. Under the current pressure of Covid-19, panellists will have the opportunity to illustrate the power and role of ‘research networks’, and how within this framework, teams and skills fostered from one effort have laid the foundation for a stronger response in the face of a subsequent disease outbreak. Leading scientists from the ZikaPLAN consortia will reflect on what can be meaningfully carried forward from lessons with arboviruses, so as to avoid reinventing the wheel.


Taller virtual COVID-19 para países de hablahispana (in Spanish)

COVID-19 Virtual Workshop for Spanish-speaking Countries


This was our first webinar for Spanish-speaking countries, specially focused across Latin America and the Caribbean. This webinar aimed to highlight the current research gaps that need urgent attention in this region and establish an open community of practice to support the implementation of research within COVID-19 for countries across LAC region. It brought together experts in the field from across Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador and Honduras.


Como estamos respondendo ao desafio de pesquisa em COVID-19? (in Portuguese)

How Are We Responding to the Research Challenges in COVID-19?


Our first Lusophone webinar was organised in partnership with Fiocruz, a health institution (linked to the Brazilian Ministry of Health) playing a major role in the response to COVID-19, alongside a panellist from the Centre for Health Research in Angola sharing her experiences in that setting. As a result of this workshop, where the scarce access to lusophone training materials and research toolkits was highlighted, a COVID-19 study group for lusophone countries (Comunidade de Países de Língua Portuguesa) is being established to share materials and promote the exchange of challenges and solutions. 

COVID Neuro Webinar Series

We have also been supporting a series of webinars on the neurological associations of COVID-19, such as: encephalitis lethargica in India, neuropsychiatric and neurocognitive aspects in Australia and America, impacts on Alzheimer's dementia, GBS, patients on immunomodulators, and more! Watch now >>