Dr samia rourou

About: I joined Institut Pasteur de Tunis as an engineer since October 1999. Then, I was enrolled as an assistant researcher since 2011. I am highly involved in the development of viral vaccines based on cell culture technology. During my master and PhD research activities, I developed IPT-AFM in-house medium suitable for Vero cells culture and rabies virus production. Moreover, I participated actively in process development of veterinary and human rabies vaccines produced on BHK and Vero cells (successively) on Cytodex microcarriers in stirred bioreactor. In addition to that, I participated in the development of other vaccines against measles and sheep pox. Thanks to collaboration with Max Planck institute of Magdeburg, Germany, I carried out a proteomic study to investigate the behavior of Vero cells infected with rabies virus under different conditions. In an attempt to further valorize IPT-AFM medium, w adapted other cell lines such as MRC5 (human) and BHK21 (hamster) to this medium in order to produce measles and rabies viruses. We also succeeded thanks to collaboration with INTRAVACC, Bilthoven, Netherlands to produce Sabin Polio type 1 on Vero cells adapted to IPT-AFM medium. The obtained results were comparable to those obtained with the standard process. My current training in the glycoconjugate vaccines laboratory within GSK, Siena Italy is an exciting experience allowing me to add a new promising field to my carrier.

Location: institut pasteur de tunis tunisia
Job: Research Assistant


  • assisatnt researcher at institut Pasteur de Tunis


  • biology (biotechnology) at Faculte des sciences de Tunis/Institut Pasteur de Tunis

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