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The ‘Pedro Kourí’ Tropical Medicine Institute (IPK) – an institution partner of ZIKAlliance – has co-organised the 15th International Dengue Course, to be held at Havana, Cuba, between 7-18 August.

During the course, the regional and global dengue, Zika, chikungunya and yellow fever epidemiological situations will be updated. Speakers and participants will be discussing several topics of interest related to clinical management, vector control, main scientific advances in pathogenesis, vaccines and antiviral development, new vector control tools, influence of the host genetic as well as the genetic of the vector and the viruses, emergency control, new international initiatives for arbovirus control and prevention.

The 15th International Dengue Course was first launched 30 years ago, and the current edition will take place during the 80th anniversary of the foundation of the Institute of Tropical Medicine. More details on the objectives, speakers, and content of the event can be accessed here.

During the event, IPK will also host a WP1 satellite meeting to discuss progress on ZIKAlliance. Work Package No. 1 is dedicated to clinical research and its main focus is on clinical science, epidemiology, and modelling.