Watch this video  interview with Faculty lead Jackeline Alger in Honduras talking about how the group has incorporated REDe's ethos and resources to assist in training their staff:

The idea and philosophy of REDe is to establish the ethos of enabling a franchise - providing research teams with a mechanism for sharing what works, addressing their training gaps and speeding up their work by working with others.

Initial work will involve understanding the gaps and needs, and then setting priorities for research capacity building around REDe; this will be achieved through building consensus between the research sites, their teams and all the Zika consortia and The Global Health Network team.  Once the initial sites are working together cohesively, further sites will be invited to join the network, in turn inviting others and thus encouraging a ‘snowballing’ effect which will bring together the research community by engaging the sites in common activities which will ensure the success and sustainability of the preparedness network.