This initiative will disseminate the applications of Artificial Intelligence in the Health Sector, with a focus on the field of dermatology. The ultimate goal is to improve safety and minimize the invasiveness of screening procedures in the field of Dermatology. The programme was designed to foster existing and new collaborations between theoretical and experimental researchers, developing comprehensive research protocols. Also, fostering exchanges between established researchers and students is in the core mission of this initiative.

The target audience consists of basic and applied researchers and students (undergraduate and graduate) in the fields of Engineering, Dermatology, Nursing, Chemistry, Physics and Maths. The aim is to finalise a collaboration between the participating groups and allow for discussions on how to formalize the agreement on the creation and management of databases needed to pursuit a project and establish policies and guidelines needed to conduct the project. There will also be dedicated sessions on popular platforms and software to support data analysis and recent research advances in the field.

Date: TBC

Time: TBC

Language: Portuguese

The event is free but registration is required - check back soon for details on registration!